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    types of offices

      We offer a wide range of business unit sizes, from one person up to all you need. A+ is situated at a prime location with 180-degree Victoria Harbour view in Kwun Tong, a new CBD recently developed by the HKSAR Government. With improved infrastructure and transportation support, more and more companies and government services are moving into this area, thus enhances the convenience to your business. You will gain all the competitive advantages to start your business here with advanced facilities and tailor-made services we offer. The service charge for the business unit depends on the view, headcount and location of the service unit.  
      Serviced Office Size Suggested Office for    

    70 – 78 Square Feet
    90 – 100 Square Feet
    110 – 150 Square Feet
    165 – 220 Square Feet

    1 – 2 People

    2 – 3 People

    3 – 4 People

    5 – 6 People


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